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Morgado do Quintão - Visit and Wine tasting

The Algarve's landmark vineyard experience, reclaiming the terroir in a land that wine forgot.

Where the Monchique mountains meet the Atlantic ocean, amongst the Algarve's orange groves and olive orchards, appears Morgado do Quintão, a family-owned vineyard estate aiming to develop Algarve's wine even further.

Experience an intimate wine tasting and tour of the vineyards while exploring the history of Morgado do Quintão. Discover a unique terroir and authentic wines with indigenous grape varieties while savouring cheese and charcuterie from local producers.

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Gather under a 2.000 year-old tree that overlooks the old Negramole vines, inside a vintage olive press or wrapped in the warmth of the Main House, and share a simple menu paired with a flight of four wines from the estate. Delight in the authentic stories of the Algarve’s landmark vineyard estate before strolling the vineyards.

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