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Rochavau Hotel


What is around us matters!

Along offering you the best we want to reduce our ecological footprint and promote social sustainability.

Walking carefully reducing our footprints

Ecological impact

Here are some actions that we are proud of

We got together with VOA to offer you filtered and ionized water within reusable bottles translating into fresher, higher quality water with less environmental impact.

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Algarve is sun and sun is energy

Sustainable energies and reduction in consumed energy

With solar panels installed we are able to get our waters up to a comfortable 30ºC just with solar energy! Wow!

We know it is not enough and to get that little bit of extra heat our heat pump starts working. This results in hot water and leaving the comsumption of fossil fuels in history!

Sabemos que não chega e para conseguir aquele bocadinho mais de calor a nossa bomba de calor entra em ação. Resultado? Água quente e consumos de combustíveis fosséis são para a pré-história!

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Salt water pool

Reducing chemicals in the water

Using salt to regulate the growth of biotic matter in our waters is a basic trick used by nature so we copied it!

With a low energy comsumption water filter and the use of salt we keep our pool clean and crystal blue for your use.

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